Reaping What You Sow

You political farmers
What right have you got
Growing medicated meat
Have you all lost the plot

Our livestock is dying
From your interference
There’s no profit in nature
Your shortcuts make no sense

Antibiotic, emulsified
Processed, freeze dried
Genetically modified
It’s all bad, you lied

Penicillin poisoned pigs
Are ending immunity
Re-cycled meat fodder
Kills the cattle community

Chicken egg salmonella
Old guts the hens fed
Pharmaceutical vegetables
Amazing we’re not all dead

Chemical fruit cocktail
We’re the pest you control
Bread bleached bright white
Give me some food whole

Frozen, pre-packed
Sterile, shrink-wrapped
Science fiction in fact
You should be kneecapped

Big agri business
Causes small farmer suicide
Hack up the hedgerows
Fuck up the countryside

Karma has caught up
Nature’s hand rocks the balance
No chemical cure now
This is your last chance

Now human cattle get BSE
Salmonella soldiers for my tea
Foot and mouth for ewe and me
No cheap food that’s GM free

Organic answers are what we need
Not inbred, drug fed, hybrid seed
It all comes back to us in feed
We are the victims of your greed

© Richard Holt 2012

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