A Can Of Special Brew

I came to Aberystwyth
Because there’s people to get pissed with
And we get abused and dissed with
A can of special brew

Then we lie around the pavement
And we stare up in amazement
And we talk about what Dave meant
With a can of special brew

And I try to sell big issues
And I use my sleeve not tissues
And my brain gets lots of misuse
From a can of special brew

And we all hang around the bandstand
And watch some clown do handstand
But there’s few of us that can stand
With a can of special brew

Then our dogs fight like hyenas
In the door of the dry cleaners
Till the cops get in between us
And our can of special brew

So if you see me in the high street
And I have a hat at my feet
Spare some change to get me my treat
That’s a can of special brew

© Richard Holt 2012

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