Another Plastic Bag

You don’t need another bag
One use plastic’s such a drag
You’ve got a hundred in the drawer
What do you want another for
When you left your car to park it
Heading for the supermarket
Did it not occur to take
A bloody bag for goodness sake
So when you finish buying shit
You’d pull it out and unfold it
And fill it up and la-di-da
Carry your stuff back to your car
It doesn’t take a genius mind
To take one out, not leave behind
A little thought is all it takes
It’s common sense for goodness sakes
It saves at least 5 pence a time
And then of course there is the crime
Of poisoning the planet too
Another thing you’ll cease to do
Because all that plastic just breaks down
In little pieces all around
And finds its way into the sea
Gets eaten by the fish for tea
Then finds itself at a later date
Arriving on your dinner plate
And bags are not the only source
There’s plastic packaging of course
So try to make yourself not buy
That pointless wrapped-in-plastic pie
Or fruit or veg in polythene
We don’t need that to keep it clean
It’s already wrapped in its own skin
Put there by nature to keep it in
And when we peel that to get in
We put that in the compost bin
And that will decompose and then
Becomes some useful soil again
And so the cycle is complete
It goes to grow the food we eat
We need to reassess our ways
Or we will have far fewer days
For our kids of whom we birth
To live upon our mother Earth
We are not here just to consume
So our waste takes up all the room
And our resources disappear
We’re using more stuff every year
Because we only have one finite place
Our little planet floats in space
We’re here by fluke, a lucky shot
And to make the best of what we’ve got
Is what we need to start to do
It’s our last chance, it’s up to you
And though it seems a mighty task
Just start out small is all I ask
So make a change, and then another
You father, son, you daughter, mother
And be a hero and not a drag
You don’t need another bag!

© Richard Holt 2018

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