Love’s Altar

My tongue pays homage
At the rosebud gateway
To your inner temple
And lights the fire
Behind your soul’s window
The mountains roll
And glisten with dew
As the fever’s grip takes control
Waves passionate and strong
Crash and pull and wash you up
And leave you cast ashore
Breathless on the beach
Of a distant paradise

My urgency pushes open
And inside where awaits
The warm goddess of submission
Pulling at my senses
Pushing back at her we dance
The dance of creation
And in the shimmering whirlpool frenzy
That knows only one climax
We move in ever-increasing tempo
To the beat of love’s drummer
Until there is no turning back
Until we rise like flaming birds
And with every nerve electric
Explode rainbow diamond ecstasy

And for that moment become one
Lying together spent
At the foot of the altar of love
Untouched and untouchable
We float and there is nothing else
No sound, no need, no time
Heaven is a place like this
And I can go there any time with you

© Richard Holt 2012

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