Hard Times

Jobs are scarce around my town
The price of houses going down
The cost of food is on the rise
The two weeks’ rubbish swarmed in flies
You can’t get social welfare here
All council’s service disappear
The crime rate’s hit the roof again
And yet there’s fewer po-lice-men

And every day we find it tough
We never seem to have enough
To keep the bailiff from the door
We do the crime of being poor
Accused of lazy idle lounging
Dirty filthy social scrounging
When all we really want to do
Is work and earn a bob or two

And I am just a little man
A victim of the social plan
Of big fat men in business suits
Who’ve lost touch with the nation’s roots
Who cannot see the poor man’s plight
And think that what they do is right
To make a profit at our expense
So they can live in decadence

And if this pattern remains the same
There’ll be no people left to blame
We’ll all be dead from mass starvation
Or living in moral degradation
We need to rise and stop this now
It can’t go on. I don’t know how
We gave our lives as slaves, we’re meant
To be helped by our government

But all they do is tax and rate
And take away our welfare state
That our parents strove and fought to make
And did it for their children’s sake
So one day there’d be a better place
A brighter, cleaner, fulfilled race
Of happy people, of you and me
Who’d live in peaceful prosperity

© Richard Holt 2012

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