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Another Plastic Bag

You don’t need another bag
One use plastic’s such a drag
You’ve got a hundred in the drawer
What do you want another for
When you left your car to park it
Heading for the supermarket
Did it not occur to take
A bloody bag for goodness sake
So when you finish buying shit
You’d pull it out and unfold it
And fill it up and la-di-da
Carry your stuff back to your car
It doesn’t take a genius mind
To take one out, not leave behind
A little thought is all it takes
It’s common sense for goodness sakes
It saves at least 5 pence a time
And then of course there is the crime
Of poisoning the planet too
Another thing you’ll cease to do
Because all that plastic just breaks down
In little pieces all around
And finds its way into the sea
Gets eaten by the fish for tea
Then finds itself at a later date
Arriving on your dinner plate
And bags are not the only source
There’s plastic packaging of course
So try to make yourself not buy
That pointless wrapped-in-plastic pie
Or fruit or veg in polythene
We don’t need that to keep it clean
It’s already wrapped in its own skin
Put there by nature to keep it in
And when we peel that to get in
We put that in the compost bin
And that will decompose and then
Becomes some useful soil again
And so the cycle is complete
It goes to grow the food we eat
We need to reassess our ways
Or we will have far fewer days
For our kids of whom we birth
To live upon our mother Earth
We are not here just to consume
So our waste takes up all the room
And our resources disappear
We’re using more stuff every year
Because we only have one finite place
Our little planet floats in space
We’re here by fluke, a lucky shot
And to make the best of what we’ve got
Is what we need to start to do
It’s our last chance, it’s up to you
And though it seems a mighty task
Just start out small is all I ask
So make a change, and then another
You father, son, you daughter, mother
And be a hero and not a drag
You don’t need another bag!

© Richard Holt 2018

Love’s Altar

My tongue pays homage
At the rosebud gateway
To your inner temple
And lights the fire
Behind your soul’s window
The mountains roll
And glisten with dew
As the fever’s grip takes control
Waves passionate and strong
Crash and pull and wash you up
And leave you cast ashore
Breathless on the beach
Of a distant paradise

My urgency pushes open
And inside where awaits
The warm goddess of submission
Pulling at my senses
Pushing back at her we dance
The dance of creation
And in the shimmering whirlpool frenzy
That knows only one climax
We move in ever-increasing tempo
To the beat of love’s drummer
Until there is no turning back
Until we rise like flaming birds
And with every nerve electric
Explode rainbow diamond ecstasy

And for that moment become one
Lying together spent
At the foot of the altar of love
Untouched and untouchable
We float and there is nothing else
No sound, no need, no time
Heaven is a place like this
And I can go there any time with you

© Richard Holt 2012

Hard Times

Jobs are scarce around my town
The price of houses going down
The cost of food is on the rise
The two weeks’ rubbish swarmed in flies
You can’t get social welfare here
All council’s service disappear
The crime rate’s hit the roof again
And yet there’s fewer po-lice-men

And every day we find it tough
We never seem to have enough
To keep the bailiff from the door
We do the crime of being poor
Accused of lazy idle lounging
Dirty filthy social scrounging
When all we really want to do
Is work and earn a bob or two

And I am just a little man
A victim of the social plan
Of big fat men in business suits
Who’ve lost touch with the nation’s roots
Who cannot see the poor man’s plight
And think that what they do is right
To make a profit at our expense
So they can live in decadence

And if this pattern remains the same
There’ll be no people left to blame
We’ll all be dead from mass starvation
Or living in moral degradation
We need to rise and stop this now
It can’t go on. I don’t know how
We gave our lives as slaves, we’re meant
To be helped by our government

But all they do is tax and rate
And take away our welfare state
That our parents strove and fought to make
And did it for their children’s sake
So one day there’d be a better place
A brighter, cleaner, fulfilled race
Of happy people, of you and me
Who’d live in peaceful prosperity

© Richard Holt 2012

Reaping What You Sow

You political farmers
What right have you got
Growing medicated meat
Have you all lost the plot

Our livestock is dying
From your interference
There’s no profit in nature
Your shortcuts make no sense

Antibiotic, emulsified
Processed, freeze dried
Genetically modified
It’s all bad, you lied

Penicillin poisoned pigs
Are ending immunity
Re-cycled meat fodder
Kills the cattle community

Chicken egg salmonella
Old guts the hens fed
Pharmaceutical vegetables
Amazing we’re not all dead

Chemical fruit cocktail
We’re the pest you control
Bread bleached bright white
Give me some food whole

Frozen, pre-packed
Sterile, shrink-wrapped
Science fiction in fact
You should be kneecapped

Big agri business
Causes small farmer suicide
Hack up the hedgerows
Fuck up the countryside

Karma has caught up
Nature’s hand rocks the balance
No chemical cure now
This is your last chance

Now human cattle get BSE
Salmonella soldiers for my tea
Foot and mouth for ewe and me
No cheap food that’s GM free

Organic answers are what we need
Not inbred, drug fed, hybrid seed
It all comes back to us in feed
We are the victims of your greed

© Richard Holt 2012

How Would You Like It

How would you like it
If I said to you
You should smoke cigarettes
Till your skin turns blue
And you get lung cancer
And prostate too
And you’re wracked by pain
And your breath smells of pooh
And they take you to hospital
But there’s no hope for you
Would you like it
I don’t think you would
Do you?

How would you like it
If I said you should choose
To spend all your money
Entirely on booze
Till you come to depend
On your “drinky” each day
And you drink till you’re blotto
And they cart you away
And your friends all desert you
‘Cause you’re not who you were
And your kids don’t comprendez
As you slobber and slur
And your wife starts to cry
As you puke up on her
Would you like it
I don’t think so
No sir!

How would you like it
If I said it was cool
To sniff up white powder
And act like a fool
And to blow all your cash
Just to get the next hit
When your family’s in rags
And your house is in bits
And to steal from your mates
Just to keep you in blow
Till you have no friends left
And no place you can go
And you get really thin
And you skulk round the place
And mucus keeps dripping
From the hole in your face
Would you like it
I don’t think so

But then if I told you
That there was a way
To get from point A
To point B in the day
Without doing anything
Stupid or dumb
And without any harm
And no shame for your mum
Then you’d take it, right
This vestige of hope
And you’d quit all your habits
Your pills and your dope
And all start afresh
In the new light of day
Well of course you would, wouldn’t you?
No, I don’t thinks so
No way

© Richard Holt 2012

A Can Of Special Brew

I came to Aberystwyth
Because there’s people to get pissed with
And we get abused and dissed with
A can of special brew

Then we lie around the pavement
And we stare up in amazement
And we talk about what Dave meant
With a can of special brew

And I try to sell big issues
And I use my sleeve not tissues
And my brain gets lots of misuse
From a can of special brew

And we all hang around the bandstand
And watch some clown do handstand
But there’s few of us that can stand
With a can of special brew

Then our dogs fight like hyenas
In the door of the dry cleaners
Till the cops get in between us
And our can of special brew

So if you see me in the high street
And I have a hat at my feet
Spare some change to get me my treat
That’s a can of special brew

© Richard Holt 2012