About The Gallery

This is a little gallery project I have set up to help me display a collection of photographs I found at my mum's house. My mother died on 17th October 2010, two days after my birthday and just two week after her 80th birthday. I was there attending her funeral, and while staying in her house I came across these pictures she had managed to keep together since her early childhood. They show members of my immediate family, from my great grandfathers down to my two brothers.

There are pictures in this collection of people I have never had the chance to meet. I had not seen many of these pictures until the day I discovered them. It is indeed a pleasure for me to see my mum as a young woman and to realise what an attractive young woman she was. Being her eldest son, I had never seen her in that way before. She was always someone 25 years older than me, and through the eyes of a child that is an immense difference.

And reading the comments on the back of some of the pictures has brought her back to me as a newly discovered person whom, although I had known her for so many years, had been hiding from me in plain site. And even now I miss her, not being able to pick up the phone and talk to her of my problems and acheivements and to share a moment with her